Interface Accessibility

Empowering Users with Interface Accessibility

Technology and interfaces are continuously changing, and at ArtVersion we believe that these exciting changes should be enjoyed by every user.

Website design examples featured on multiple screen sizes designed by ArtVersion Web Design Agency.

Interface Accessibility

We Design Interface Experiences for All Users

Accessibility, across interfaces and platforms is a cornerstone of our design processes. When every user, regardless of ability, can experience an interface design and has access to information and technology. Accessibility in digital interfaces refers to the design and development of websites, applications, and technologies in a way that allows people to use them effectively. Ensuring accessibility is crucial for creating inclusive products that can be used by a wider audience.

Our team delves into the details of interface accessibility such as color contrast that aligns with The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, typography sizing and readability, consistent navigation features, and more.

We work with a multitude of interfaces, platforms, technologies, and more at ArtVersion, and with every project we undertake, we ensure they are all optimized for accessibility and interface usability. Different industries require different interface standards—whether machinery operation screens, configuration touch screen technologies, mobile apps, interface UI kits, and more, ArtVersion is highly flexible to the demands of each requirement.

Through our comprehensive audit services, we’ll work with you to analyze areas to strengthen your interface’s accessibility compliance and requirements. We perform audits to identify barriers that may prevent access to information and functionality, guiding improvements that make interfaces and applications inclusive and compliant with legal standards, Our approach is aimed to dissect, design, develop, and deliver the most optimized version of your interface’s accessibility standards.

Accessibility Features

Voice and Gesture Control: At ArtVersion, we design interfaces that are intuitive enough to enable users to interact with devices and applications through verbal commands, built for users with motor impairments and visually impaired.

Haptic Feedback: Haptic feedback, or tactile feedback, involves the use of touch to communicate with users and provides confirmation of actions or notifications without relying on visual cues. We’ve worked with diverse industry leaders on how to consider different facets to implement haptic feedback such as vibration patterns within microinteractions.

Audio Control: Managing and interacting with audio content is key in interface design that enables users to control playback, volume, and other settings through voice commands or accessible interfaces. Allowing users to tailor audio output to their hearing preferences, including balance, tone, and captions.

Universality of Features: We design with feature universality in mind so that a product is accessible and functional for a wide range of users, regardless of their abilities or circumstances. By designing interfaces with universal features, our developers create more inclusive products that cater to the diverse needs of users.

Work with Our Team

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At ArtVersion, we envision a digital world where accessible web design is a fundamental aspect of every interface's digital architecture.

Accessibility is a part of design. When an interface is accessible to everyone, amazing experiences can unfold.