UI Kits

Every Design Element Tells a Part of Your Brand Story

UI kits are the toolboxes that unleash the creativity behind a brand’s design system and make your visual narrative unforgettable.

UI kit design on desktop computer screen.

Crafting seamless experiences
with UI Kits

Every Detail Matters

At ArtVersion, we’ve designed custom UI kits for industries across the world, each nuanced and specific to each platform.

A design system is a large entity that can be broken down its layers, and one crucial is UI kits. As a subset of a design system, UI kits focus on the visual and tangible elements of a UI interface, such as buttons, icons, colors, typography, and much more. They are the tools that are made ready to use for implementation into a website, interface, digital product, and more. Unlike a design system, UI kits solely focus on the visual aspect of the design and do not offer guidelines on how to use the components or their specific set of rules.

Components of a UI Kit

UI kits are composed of a variety of components that collectively serve as the building blocks for designing user interfaces. All the design elements that your users see on a website or application are UI kits in action.

  1. Interactive Elements: Elements such as buttons, input fields, checkboxes, and drop-down menus, are just some of the pieces that make up a kit and are essential for creating interactive and functional interfaces.
  2. Typography: Encompasses font styles, sizes, and hierarchies that ensure readability and visual appeal.
  3. Color Palette: Color palettes are chosen to convey the brand’s identity and to facilitate user navigation and emphasis.
  4. Graphic Elements: Icons and graphics play a pivotal role in creating intuitive and visually engaging interfaces, offering a universal language that enhances user understanding and interaction.
  5. Grids and Spacing: These are the guidelines that are included to maintain consistency and balance in layout design.

Choosing the Right UI Kit for Your Brand

The ideal UI kit should align closely with your brand’s visual identity and values, for consistency across all digital platforms. It’s essential to consider the style and aesthetics of the UI kit to make sure it resonates with your brand’s personality. The team behind ArtVersion can help develop a UI kit for your specific project needs that capture functionality, flexibility, customization, and aesthetics—no detail is overlooked.

Design systems are a layered part of the design and may seem overwhelming. Yet with a team of experts that live and breathe design, let us be your trusted collaborator in refining and developing your UI kit. Every detail of a brand is important, including the minute details, we’ll ensure your UI is seamlessly and professionally built specifically for your brand for integration.

Ready to amplify your design system with a robust UI Kit?

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