The importance of excellent corporate web design often goes unrealized. A website is another vehicle that represents what your company or product promises. Web design, branding and colors all work together to portray the message that you want to send to a person In order to make a sale.

Brand recognition is nothing new. It allows people to instantaneously recognize your company, your products or your services. Branding, when made clear, should allow a customer to instantly recognize your company and your message, confirm that your company is credible, create a feeling of loyalty, and, most importantly, connect with your target audience on an emotional level.

The last point is extremely important, because an emotional connection means more sales for you by convincing a buyer needs your company or product.

Where does corporate web design come into all of this?

The result is most apparent if you consider a web design that has both a brick and mortar store as well as an online store. The typical user should already be able to recognize the store simply by being in its physical location once or twice. If that very same user were to go online and realize that they wanted to pay the store more money without taking another trip there, the user could then purchase using the online store.

The problem is that if the store doesn’t have a website that coincides with the brand’s recognition, the customer won’t trust it and they won’t order from it.

If your product or service is offline, then that means you’re working to pull potentially untapped customers in as clients to your offline business, your website should have a clear call-to-action in order to do that. Brand recognition can then make a potential customer feel more at ease after being able to link an established website design to the store or office that they’re visiting. Once there and able to recognize your brand, that potential customer is much more likely to become a loyal client.