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ArtVersion Named Leader in Clutch Global Awards

Clutch, the DC-based ratings and reviews platform, just released their annual Global Awards, and we are excited to announce that Artversion was named as the #1 Digital Design Agency worldwide. We are also very excited to be named to the Clutch 1000. In fact, we are among the top 15 companies on the entire platform, which features over 5,000 companies with reviews.  The ranking criteria were rigorous. Independent Analysts at Clutch spoke with our clients to conduct case study-like reviews. Artversion was also evaluated for our market presence, past work experience, and our client list.  In the past two years of partnering with Clutch, we have an impressive average of 4.8 stars for 18 client interviews.  In a recent website redesign project, one client, a CEO of an archival service, highlighted our white glove approach: “ArtVersion was a true collaborator, responding to our unique needs and helping us make the…

30 days ago

How a Creative Agency Can Help Make an Impact On Your Brand

When most companies start thinking about changing or updating their brand, the focus automatically goes to the marketing aspect of the brand. The discussion talks about changing the image of the brand, the message of the brand, and how it will be represented in the media. However, you need to focus on the public “face” of your brand, which is its visual representation. This is where a creative agency like us comes in. We work on all aspects of the visual presentation from the logo, content, and other related graphics to revamp your brand. For example, we have helped many companies revamp their logo to best reflect their target market. We focus on creating a logo that best represents the unique message of the company. The goal is also to help the company connect with their target market by conveying value, uniqueness, and transparency. Of course, it doesn’t stop with…

5 years, 7 months ago

The Importance of Having the Right Creative Team for Your Project

When it comes to creating a brand identity, new website design, product identity or packaging, you rely on your creative team to get the job done. For companies that do not have their own creative department, it means outsourcing to a firm with the experience and expertise to work on the project. However, it’s important to choose a team that is on the same page and is integrated with a marketing department for a quality final product. For many companies, the go to solution is to find the biggest creative agency they can afford. They think that the bigger agency will do a better because they are more established and have the resources to adhere to the highest standards. While big agencies do have the resources, experience, and the expertise they have downsides like all agencies do. One of the more apparent downsides is that big agencies have teams that…

5 years, 9 months ago