On-Location Chicagoland Photography

Chicago is our home town but often we travel to other cities for the photoshoots.

Chicago Photography

We enjoy all facets of photography both inside and outside of your company’s location, including exterior/industrial shots and interior, lifestyle photos. Expertly displaying the creative space where you work assists in crafting an emotional connection for your clients – showcasing key photographs on your website facilitates the conversation. Your employees are the life blood of your organization – showing them in action, collaborating with one another and actively engaged in shaping the best customer experience, will infuse the brand with a human feel and personality. Use your lifestyle photography in creating a relationship with your audience.

If you have an extensive inventory of products that need to be photographed, we can bring our studio to your location and schedule a photoshoot (ranging from a few hours to multiple days, depending on your needs); these images can be used for catalog purposes, or for optimizing your website and social media. We are perfectionists, intent on keeping everything organized; for example, in retail, we strongly suggest keeping a journal of all the SKUs in order to assist in catalog implementation. Why this obsession? We are focused on the whole picture, not just your photoshoot accommodations. By remaining on top of the details, we ensure that the full picture is perfect.

Chicago Photography

In addition to shooting in the Chicagoland area, we are sometimes asked to travel to the east or west coast to engage in product or lifestyle/corporate photography. We are more than happy to accommodate those arrangements, which usually involve two members of the team [photographer and assistant, director or photographer] in order to create the best possible experience. While most of our photoshoots are done in our studio or at client locations, we are open to themed photoshoots that require a different type of environment. Creating a story with your photoshoot is a top priority – nature, historic locations, and various other landscapes can provide a unique spin on an everyday image. Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities in the world – use our hometown as the most dynamic and eye-catching backdrop. We are always experimental and creative with the camera while staying focused on your unique brand and producing the right images for you. Nothing is more fun than going through that journey with a client and watching the vision unfold!

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