App User Interface Design

One of the keys to getting your app noticed is to make sure that your app user interface design is exceptional.

The application market consists of millions of apps competing to get the attention of consumers. Because apps easily get popular through word of mouth, it’s important that you create a design that wows users. Ideally, you want your app to be easy to use, intuitive and unique.

App Planning and Preparation

ArtVersion can help you plan and prepare every aspect of the app design process. We’ll help you design an app that people want to use. We’ll create sketches, diagrams, and layouts so that every single detail is covered. We’ll test multiple designs and build prototypes until we come up with a design that provides a great experience and is in line with your vision.

App User Interface Design

The right design can make or break your app. Even if you have an innovative and valuable idea behind your app, it won’t take off if people have difficulty using or understanding it. A bad user interface will frustrate users and limit how your app is used. There are many areas of UI that need to be looked at such as organization, speed, usability and controls.

Importance of App User Experience

Another point that many developers sometimes overlook is user experience. A great user interface does help the overall experience but it doesn’t define it. It’s important to make sure that your app has a good flow, has a low learning curve, and is rewarding to use. A great experience is what will keep users coming back to using your app over and over again, which will eventually get the word out about your app. We work with many app developers, on a daily basis, in collaboration to create beautiful but also accessible apps!

App Development Phase

We can also help guide you through the development phase. We will stay involved with your team of developers in order to create a consistent design. We know that developing an app is a multi-dimensional process, and requires connection between all the individual parts for a high quality final product. If you are not working with a developer yet, we can recommend qualified iOS and Android developers that have the experience and expertise for your project. If you are an developer looking for the help working with experienced UX and UI team we are the one you would like to talk to, we will help you make process fun and smooth.

Why Work with ArtVersion?

We have extensive experience in app design and UI/UX design in general. We’ve worked on a wide range of projects from fashion, gaming, medical, to education. We design apps, test them, and we use them. That’s why we understand how to design app. We’ve gone through the process of preparing, planning and executing every aspect of the design process numerous times. To get more information on how we can help, contact us at 847-279-8999 or by email us today.