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We are a forward thinking Chicago web design company, our designs can help strengthen your brand and optimize your online performance. We understand the importance of your online presence & website design.

When you turn to a respectable web design firm for help, you can expect exceptional visual design. But at ArtVersion, we don’t stop at visual design. We are constantly challenging what design can do for your company. We have a deep understanding of how web design impacts a company’s public image, marketing campaign, Internet presence, and return on investment.

How Our Award Winning Chicago Web Design Firm Works

We are Chicago web design firm and full service creative agency, with in-house designers and developers, we do not outsource the project, in fact our Chicago web design team put its heart in each and every project from start to finish. You should think of us as an extension of your internal team, and depend on us to take your vision and turn it into reality. We have a collaborative team that consists of award winning designers, so you know you’re working with a brain trust of the best designers in the industry. We’ll work closely with you through the whole process so that you’re aware of the direction your project is going in. With a companies around Chicago metro area we meet regularly during design and process, and with a clients around the country we collaborate remotely via telepresence and screen-share interfaces. The goal of our team is to make sure that every digital project is successful and functional about ready to perform. Unlike larger firms, we’re focused on over delivering and paying attention to the smallest of details rather than delivering the bare essentials. You can also rely on us to deliver the project on time and exceed your expectations.

Chicago Web Design

Web Development and Going Beyond Just Visual Design

What sets ArtVersion apart from other design firms is that a large part of our focus is not on the visual design itself, but on the performance of the design. For example, we can design a website that’s optimized for the best possible user experience. We can also work on user interface issues if your website’s goal is to be as functionally interactive as possible. Why is this important? The design has a direct impact on the performance of a website. A website that is designed with usability in mind will lead to higher conversion ratios and ultimately bigger profits. This is especially important if your company is planning to design a commercial website such as an eCommerce site or a service website that’s designed to bring in high value leads. We pay a lot of attention to web analytics and we study user behavior so that we create site architecture that actually works. It’s as we like to call: emulsion of function and beauty.

A Brand Identity to Establish Your Company In Your Industry

Thought the site design process, we also emphasize a strong brand identity. A strong brand can help you establish a leading position in your industry. In addition, it will helps target audience identify with your company and favor your products/services over the competition. While the visual elements of your brand by itself cannot determine a brand’s identity, it plays a big role in representing what you’re trying to convey. ArtVersion team can successfully help you come up with the visual aspects of your brand. We make your brand stand out from a design standpoint while also appealing to your company’s target consumers. Our experience and long standing history also means that we’ve worked on a large variety of markets, industries and businesses.

If you’re looking for web design to fulfill your visual obligations, you have many choices available to you. But if you want to make your design deliver results for your company, ArtVersion is the web design firm for the job. You can start by looking through our portfolio to see how we’ve helped our clients. If you’re ready and want more information on how we can help your company, call our Chicago design office at 847-279-8999.

When choosing your web design firm, there are a number of factors to consider; from quality of work, response time to capabilities. The approach to design, aesthetics, the process, and the expertise of group you choose will make a huge impact to the end results.

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