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Storytelling Through Web Design

Branding is all about making a promise to your customer and packaging that promises in the nice aesthetically pleasing form factor. You’re telling them that by doing business with your company or brand, they’re going to receive some kind of unique benefit or experience. Sometimes the point is to highlight a unique facet of your company and sometimes it’s to sell the concept that you are better than your competition.

However, many companies seem to miss this communication and information on their website. They may assume that the visitor gets their brand through small mentions such as their logo and their ‘about’ page. But the truth is actually something else.

In today’s digital era, the experience and message on your website speaks volumes about your brand. Web users today abandon websites if there isn’t anything that catches their attention or if the websites don’t engage them. Using storytelling through web design is the perfect way to make sure you capture that coveted attention and keep them engaged.

ArtVersion understands how to help companies create a platform that helps them tell their story and do it in way that is unique to their brand. This approach of engagement is all about delivering a unique experience, evoking emotions, and getting visitors to form their own conclusions. This approach works because stories have always been one of the most effective ways to engage people. They’ve been used in magazine ads, television commercials, radio, and many other mediums with great results. It only makes sense to use it on websites.

Companies are using storytelling in many different ways. Some, for instance, tells the story of how a potential customer can use their product in the creative or unique way. Rather than list all the various features of the product with explanations and fact sheets, they are listing each feature and creating a visual around how the feature can be used.

Other companies are creating special elements or characteristics and showing how it’s related to their brand, product or service. This is an effective way to engage people because it’s easier for them to relate to the elements rather than a corporate voice behind a website. It also allows people to experience a product or service through the characteristics which are a large departure from your everyday hard selling.

One thing that is interesting is that storytelling makes a big impact on user experience. The design community has buzzed about the importance of user experience over the past few years. By making storytelling an integrated part of their web design, companies are seeing their user experience metrics improve. Rather than designing with only user experience metrics in mind, making the story part of the experience gives websites more focus, engagement, and brand impact.

We have helped companies create unique stories for their brands with great success. Because we have experience with web design, UI, UX, visual content, and branding, we have the unique insight required to make brand storytelling effective through web design. If your company is looking to create brand awareness and engagement using your website, then contact us to learn more information about how we approach this unique approach to design.

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