Many startups focus on marketing their innovative product or service and don’t focus enough on their brand. But as a new company, it’s important to put your branding on the forefront as it will allow you to properly position your company in a competitive marketplace while also giving you the momentum to scale the business. The first step of this process is starting with a brand design that speaks to the target audience.

One of the challenges that startups have is trying to stand out in a sea of competition. Even with a unique product or service, it can be quite difficult to get people to notice that they are different from other companies. Branding can change this perspective in the target audience. While many new companies may have a clear brand strategy, they often do not have the proper presentation in place.

For example, branding around unique features and benefits is a start but it still needs to convey a meaningful message to a target audience. Slogans and logos help but are not enough to really get consumers to notice. You need to really resonate what your company and products/services are about. One company selling potato chips may try to brand around the quality of their product while another company may make their brand about getting friends to come over to have a party; with the focal point being their delicious potato chips.

This contrast in branding strategy really needs to be understood to experience huge growth and superior market positioning. The way to do this is by coming up with a strong brand identity and message, then building a presentation around that identify and message. Companies are doing this in the digital world through various design strategies.

Some companies are using visual branding and storytelling to connect with their audience. Using a narrative makes the message personal and relatable which increases engagement. They are also using interesting stories as a grassroots campaign to get free publicity and shares from their audience. The designs and presentations that are used define who they are. Companies are using imagery that is relevant to their audience and using stories that are valuable as opposed to self serving.

The bottom line is that companies that want to make a big splash in their marketplace can experience immense benefits from focusing on their brand. It all starts with defining their brand strategy and designing a better brand. Many companies think visual aesthetics can only do so much but the design and presentation become incredibly impactful when put in the right context. So if you’re a startup, look at your web design and ask yourself if it is accomplishing your branding initiatives. If not, it’s probably time to go through a website and brand redesign.