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For many businesses, time is almost always at a minimum and a rebrand isn’t always top of mind. However, refreshing a brand is not only necessary to stay relevant, but directly influences profit. A brand refresh is a way to promote a new and improved brand, website and visuals. The process can actually be a great tool for a brand to learn more about their vision, with the correct tools and assistance. While a brand refresh doesn’t mean a brand is completely revamped or unrecognizable, it is focused around the idea of evaluating areas that could use a new perspective, either visually or in context or expanding and leveraging on the aspects that are working well. This could be in support of a new product launch, reaching a new market, or invigorating an existing customer base. As a business grows, it is important that brand reflects that growth and the current…

11 days ago

Refreshing Your Manufacturing Website

Technology changes fast, and while most manufacturers stay on top of up to date advancements with their products, their websites can become outdated when updated only with basic maintenance. Left un-optimized, the market facing website of a manufacturer can reflect poorly on the company, reflecting the sense that the brand might not be up to date with with the latest technologies – from their product lines to their digital presence. While a full website redesign is recommended every few years, a yearly website refresh can extend the life of a website, bring in heightened conversion and help a company remain timely and competitive in the marketplace. Implementing website refresh doesn’t have to be a costly or lengthy task, but there are certain creative and strategic elements that are most effective in the process. Messaging Content strategies are perhaps the most important aspect of a website refresh. Often, the messaging of an…

2 years, 6 months ago

A Case Study On How a Product Brand Refresh Can Effect Your Company

Have you recently analized brand behind your products? If you have a brand for your product line, have you ever thought about brand refresh and why its important to keep brand currant? For many companies, products take on a life of their own. They can often develop into entities that are separate from the parent company, sort of sub-brands. That’s because products can be targeted to an audience that the parent company isn’t known to target. In such a case, it becomes very important to manage the brand of the products to its maximum. To provide a good case for the brand refresh, here’s a hypothetical case study to think about. Let’s imagine that there is a company that sells competitively priced hard drive for computers. They’ve had success for a long time by branding the products as reliable hard drives that are affordable. Naturally, competition grows over the years…

3 years, 7 months ago

5 Things You Can Do to Jumpstart a Corporate Brand Refresh

Does your corporate brand image need a change? Is your visual presentation out of date or do you need to change your position in the marketplace? If so, a corporate brand refresh may be in order. However, undergoing such a project is no small task. It will require an extensive strategy session, multiple design projects, and countless iterations. If you feel that you need a change now, it might be a more practical decision to make some quick immediate changes to feel it out. Here are five things that you can do for a quick jumpstart. 1. Come up with a new logo The most obvious thing to do start your corporate brand refresh is to come up with a new logo. Many business owners take this opportunity to come up with an entirely new logo. However, doing this may actually hurt you more than help you. The reason why…

3 years, 8 months ago

Driven By Design: The Brand Refresh

We exist in a design driven culture. More specifically, consumers are driven to engage with businesses and brands who focus attention and importance on design as a first line of engagement. This is with good reason as a design-driven approach to branding and user experience can a create lasting and positive impact, even making or breaking a conversion strategy. From health care to finance to tech, it’s clear that the culture of continual design innovation is expected, and along with the investment there is, indeed, a payoff. Ensuring that an organization can stay ahead of the game with up-to-the-minute, outstanding brand experiences will be critical to drawing the right consumers and ultimately – thriving in the marketplace. For these aesthetically minded companies, it’s not only the aspects (logo, letterhead, website) of a brand that are masterfully crafted – the entire experience is designed from content to packaging, ideally creating a consistent and impactful product…

3 years, 9 months ago


In the current climate of immediate gratification and changing tastes, its more important than ever to bend but not break. Existing as a relevant, purposeful, innovative, conscious, inclusive and self-aware brand have become prerequisites to thrive in the market. These are the qualities that will make people pause, listen and pay attention. Users demand a brand they can grow with, that earns their trust and makes them feel valued. People want to evolve with a brand whose content, products and services help give their business or life meaning and significance. To adapt to these rigors and subsequent changes, a brand must keep up with the pace of the marketplace. Organizations that have kept the same brand image for years must identify and understand the importance of the rebranding process. A creative agency can adapt your brand and its content to the current environment, as technology changes and dynamic trends transform…

4 years, 2 months ago

Tips for Storytelling and Storymaking in Brand Building – A Useful Guide for Creative Blocks

Creating a powerful story for your brand isn’t a new concept but few companies manage to get it right. You see examples everywhere on TV from story oriented branding campaigns that are dry to engaging brand stories that pique interest or stir up emotions. Fortunately, using the Internet as the platform gives you a chance to find out what stories really resonate with your audience. So what are some of the things that you need to do in order to create engaging brand stories? First, you need to make sure that it’s authentic. People are not stupid and can see through made up stories or try-hard attempts to win their attention. The key is to make sure that the story actually relates to your visual brand, industry, products or services. Then, make sure that the story somehow resonates with your audience rather than the typical narcissistic focus on the company….

4 years, 4 months ago

Brand Refresh – Starting With Your Web Design

Your brand is no longer a stationary element in a static market place. Companies must evolve faster than ever, delving deep into their culture and vision and seeing who they really are as an organization. Every market goes through changes and transitions – if companies want to remain afloat and swim ahead of the current, they must ensure that their brand is keeping up with the (often escalated) pace. Organizations that have been in the industry for years can derive enormous benefit from a brand refresh and re-organizing process. Often regarded as daunting, the process is actually interesting and fun while allowing your company and its employees to re-evaluate their image and gain a competitive edge. Some aspects of your brand that needed tweaking are now brought into light and can be successfully and efficiently changed!

 Do not be apprehensive about the brand refresh process – it is crucial to…

4 years, 4 months ago