Throughout the creation, as well as the upkeep, of many organizations websites’, the ideas of Users Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) tend to get pushed under rug a lot. When designing, redesigning or updating your organization’s website have you neglected to think about the end user and only establish new content for yourself?

UI and UX are becoming extremely important aspects in not only the web world, but also in our daily lives.  Today 90% of all media interactions are screen based, this means that our target audiences are moving away from print formats and viewing all their information on a variety of digital, web capable, devices. With the vast amount of users using the internet is their main source of information; you should have a site that presents a friendly, useful, easy to use experience for your audience.

When designing your user interface, remember that being flashing, different and unique are outstanding ideas for any website, nevertheless, your website is established for users to come learn about your organization, buy products and interact with you. With all these thoughts in mind think about how you would want the experience to feel, if you were an outside user.

The UI, along with UX, is an aspect that is not going away. UX’s consume our daily lives when gathering new, exciting and relevant information; without a well established experience many users may walk from your site. When creating the UI/UX keep in mind the important elements that will keep the end users coming back again and again.