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Right Now: Five Packaging Trends Driving Brand Growth

Packaging design trends provide us with direct insight into what consumers feel, what problems they need to solve and what is coming next. Today, it’s all about connection, understanding and engagement. Designers are tasked with uncovering, realizing and articulating what is important to a consumer and to direct that experience. Through story, shape and structure, designers and brands can deliver the experience to make invaluable connections that last a lifetime. Brand Basic Gone are the days of generic or in house brands being a bad thing. House labels from brands like Amazon, Whole Foods, Target and Trader Joes – even luxury brands are emerging to focus on simplicity and clarity. A departure from the often headache inducing ‘world of choice’ that permeates store shelves, basic brands are the ‘unchoice’ making purchasing a straightforward affair. Heritage Nothing quite strikes a chord with consumers than a brand who has been around the block a time…

1 year, 4 months ago

Experience Is Everything

Experience can take many forms. Experience is all around us. Experience is the product. Experience is the best teacher. Experience is everything. Whether its conscious or fades into the background, an experience is the totality of many parts coming together to create a perception that is sensory, informational, useful and observational. We learn from experiences, and gain experience. Meaning, once we experience something, we are knowledgeable on the topic and able to form studied opinion, and if positive – returning with the knowledge to navigate it again. Taking into consideration the all encompassing nature of an experience, its no wonder that multiple types of experience strategies have taken hold in the digital environment. Its one thing to create an in person experience that can be controlled, but quite another to take a user down a path that truly reflects the brand or organization it represents without seeing the user in the flesh. A…

2 years, 9 months ago