In marketing and advertising, whether print or digital, no element is arguably more essential than imagery. With roughly 80 percent of consumers more likely to read a piece of content that contains colorful, relevant visuals – an integrated and aligning image strategy is a highly effective method for increasing market share. If a brand is not effectively using imagery as a part of an overall marketing strategy – it is missing out on revenues and valuable conversion opportunities.

Marketing strategy encompasses a wide range of activities, but they all work together to produce a brand image. The presence of a positive brand image is critical to the longevity of a business, and imagery is a powerful tool in forging this connection with the consumer and overall industry performance. Brand-centric and customized imagery – including illustrations, custom photography and carefully curated stock photography can boost a brand’s position and recognition in the market.

While imagery, logos and brand visuals can go under the radar as primary drivers of conversion, they are actually the bridge that creates engagement. Seemingly simple, selecting the right imagery for the brand message, narrative and targeted customer set is a highly detailed and specialized endeavor. Both detailed and sophisticated – choosing the right image and implementing text to support the story is an exacting process.

While marketers clearly know the impact visuals have on audience engagement, many still don’t know how to implement or choose visual content effectively. Whether it’s lack of design capabilities or unclear brand vision – working with a strategic creative team to both understand the brand and direct the right imagery is key to gaining a larger share of the market and making way for better relationships with existing consumers.

Before selecting the right imagery, a company must understand it’s goals and brand vision/mission. Knowing what benefits it is offering to the market, will allow for greater clarity of image and messaging alignment. Blending both an organization-centered and customer-centered approach to image curation and selection will ensure the right communication is developed, garnering the right brand response. Knowing the goal will always help define the pathway.

With so much information being offered via digital channels, consumers are becoming saturated with brand messaging that may not be fully developed – thus sending the wrong message. Companies are learning that with strong brand-centered image strategies, consumers find a brand message more memorable and impactful, making imagery more important than ever.