Technology is growing faster today than it ever has before. According to Morgan Stanley, the world is in its 5th technological evolution, within the last 50 years. With technology moving at the rate it is, do you have a website, along with a user interface and user experience, which can compete with today’s standards?

Many organizations have well established websites, which were created within the past decade. Although, these websites may have been exceptional at the time they were designed, and established, the standards for websites change very rapidly. Sites designed in 2008 or earlier, do not only lead up to today’s website standards, they have also fallen behind in the user experience category.

The user interface is a reflection of how the user will feel throughout their entire experience. As technology grows and moves, so does your target audience. As you may already know, your target audience likes to have the same look and feel throughout an interface, to keep a first-class experience. On the other hand, your audience is also adapting to new technologies. Keeping the same look and feel, will give your audience the familiarity and experience they are used to. Not updating your user interface, may discourage users from coming back to your site. The end-user likes advances in technology, combined with a familiar look and feel, to keep their experience top of the line.

As technology moves, so should the technological elements that make up your organizations livelihood. Expanding your user interface to today’s standards will help increase your user experience, as well as bring a larger return on your investments.