Content marketing is all the rage these days. In addition to paid advertising, many businesses are shifting towards a content based approach to gain exposure and bring in new business. Content marketing takes place in several forms. For a business, this may be a company newsletter, a blog, media releases and press relations, and the act of guest blogging. Let’s look at each of these one by one.


Newsletters are advantageous for two reasons. The first is that in order to receive it, people usually need to sign up by giving their email address. This provides a new way to communicate with your target customers. The second is that it allows a business to gather all of the recent and upcoming news into one place. This is an efficient way to get the word out about important events, special promotions, new product launch or monthly company related news.


Writing engaging content on a regular basis helps to attract inbound links, build a loyal following, and inject a little personality into your company brand. Writing engaging content and producing engaging multimedia like pictures, video and infographics is a proven way to earn exposure and market a business.

Media Releases and Press Relations

By engaging with the media, you get a chance to become part of the media. If there is one truth, it is that the media outlets are constantly looking for new industry based stories that are newsworthy. By publishing press releases for upcoming events and offering helpful quotes to journalists, you can get valuable referrals and credentials, and a measure of control over your business’ online reputation.

Guest Blogging On Popular Industry Blogs

Guest blogging is one of the most important ways to earn exposure online. It is good for getting new links to your site, developing relationships with other website owners, and getting exposure and developing new leads. Guest blogging also has the advantage of helping to sharpen the writing of your marketing team.

It Comes Down To Outreach

To most effectively market a business, you need a way to reach out to the world around you. All of these methods give people a reason to respond when you reach out to them in an effort to build a relationship and gain online exposure.