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Why You Need to Look Beyond Everyday Web Design Price Estimates

One of the most common questions that companies have when working with a web design company is “how much will it cost?” Typically, the pricing of web design projects are calculated according to the number of pages a company needs for their website. While that does weigh in to the final cost of a project, it’s only a minor detail of the overall scope of things. There are many other things that companies need to think about.

Companies need to start by thinking about the goals they hope to achieve for their website. The goals will drive which direction the website design and development will move towards. For example, a Web Design Company will design an eCommerce site with the goal of creating a site that provides the most profitable and relevant navigation paths while attempting to get each page to convert into sales.

If the goal is to create a content site to add value to readers and brand a company, the design will center on an engaging design that grabs people’s attention and represents the company’s brand. In this case, the company should work with the design firm to figure out what kinds of elements and content they will want for their websites. The everyday web design checklist simply won’t do.

There are many options for companies that want to go beyond everyday design and go in this direction. Companies can decide to use visual storytelling and visual branding to tell a story about their brand, products or services. They can also use multimedia to engage their audience and be more thorough with their message. And if there’s an existing design that isn’t performing well, they can go with a brand refresh to create a brand image that’s relevant to the online atmosphere yet consistent with their existing image.

As you can see, web design is more than the visual framework. It’s also about the content on the website and making sure that the brand is properly represented on the website.

While it will cost more to get a design firm to work on the branding aspect and content of the site, it’s also more cost effective. At the end of the day, it results in a website that performs for the company as opposed to a website that just “looks good.”

The complexity of the site is also plays a big role in the pricing. Some companies will want websites with special functionalities, forms, and even require database development. Other companies will simply need presentational sites that are more about engaging their audience visually and starting or continuing a conversation. Presentational sites will be far less expensive than sites that require many technical development and functionalities.

That’s why the pricing of a web design project will vary greatly. The best way to get a solid price is to talk to the design company about the website’s goals, learn what solutions are available, and decide on which options to go with. Focusing solely on the visual aspects of a website or the number of pages the website will only lead to a great looking website that doesn’t meet the goals of the company.

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