Why Magneto Web Design

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce open-source platforms available

It has been used to run over 200,000 eCommerce stores, even though it is only about half a decade old. Of all the reasons to choose Magento over other eCommerce platforms, here is a couple of most powerful out of box features and online advantages…

Magento Web Design

Web Accessibility

Magento is one of the more accessible solutions online. The Magento Community Edition is free to download and use for a commercial purposes, putting it in the same class as popular content management systems like WordPress and Drupal.

A Large Community of Developers

Like WordPress, Magento has a large number of developers that are constantly updating and making adjustments and alterations to the original framework to improve and extend the functionality of the platform as a whole. The large number of developers also means there are more extensions and modules than most other platforms available for stores that need unique functions or changes to their appearance.

SEO Friendly

Like any other web based software, Magento is not without its flaws with regards to SEO, but it is still better out of the box than most other platforms. It makes use of meta data for each page and product description, has the canonical tag to indicate the original location of a piece of content, and uses URLs that are more SEO friendly than other platforms. The duplicate content issues that plague many other eCommerce platforms are still present with Magento, but a little tweaking or the use of some modules easily remedies this issue.


Large developer followings mean that a platform can be altered and expanded nearly indefinitely. As a site grows and changes, it can be extended as far as a developer is willing to go. The ability to control multiple store fronts from one back-end means that a business can extend its brand into other markets more easily than with other platforms.

Magento Is OpenSource

What nearly all of these points add up to is that the opensource nature of Magento web design is where the real value lies. Instead of having to gain approval as a developer, individuals can write their own modules and make adjustments as they see fit. This offers an unprecedented level of flexibility that allows for creativity on the part of designers and developers that doesn’t exist on other platforms that are not open source. While some may prefer that their platforms not have code that is opensource, Magento has options and modules to ensure the code remains stable and secure.

For Large National Stores there is also Magento Enterprise

The only reason that some online retailers and wholesalers may choose to enterprise edition is to eliminate some of the administrative efforts and software update tasks, there is also couple other enterprise level features that are exclusive for these packages. A large, multi-national internet store may have security, compliance or functionality needs that require a more robust Magento Enterprise eCommerce platform. For the rest of the small to mid-sized online stores, Magento is the only platform that allows for growth, nearly endless flexibility and security all in one.

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