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Social Media & Website Integration

Social Media & Website Integration Websites are a crucial part of a business’s overall marketing strategy.  For some companies it’s their store front, sales or marketing platform and...

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Why Social Media?

It’s crucial to clarify from the outset that merely establishing a presence on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media network, just for the sake of claiming your...

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Rediscover Your Brand Episode #3

This is Rediscover Your Brand Episode #3 transcription reference. Title: “Combining Web and Print”  Welcome to the REDISCOVER YOUR BRAND podcast.  My name is Jason McCoy, I’m going...

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Mobile Friendly Web Design

Mobile friendly web design begins with a good knowledge of handheld devices. Many people already switched from featured phones to smart phones.  According to some respective research organization...

Package Design

Package Design for Your Product

Anytime that you are marketing a retail product package design is the most important factor. People notice the package and if it is attractive, branding will soar. Having a...

Brand Identity

Rediscover Your Brand Episode #2

This is Rediscover Your Brand Episode #2 transcription reference. Title: “Why It’s Important To Know The Main Purpose Of Your Website”  To listen to the podcast please go to

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Rediscover Your Brand Episode #1

This is Rediscover Your Brand Episode #1 transcription reference. Title: “Brand Consistency and Visual Branding tips”  To listen to the podcast please go to

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The Importance of User Interface Design

It is important for any web designer to design functional sites that can easily generate interest and online traffic among the internet users. The user interface design of...

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Web Design Strategy

It is a well known fact that world is gradually shifting its entire operations on the internet. This was inevitable as we all have got used to controlling...

Rediscover Your Brand Podcast

Starting in June 2011 ArtVersion will start podcast titled: Rediscover Your Brand.  In this new podcast we will cover tips and tricks for keeping your visual brand fresh...

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Visual Branding in Graphic Design

Establishing a strong corporate identity image is a critical aspect of any company’s success. Through visual branding, designers create an image that sets the tone for how consumers...

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Web Design For eCommerce Is Different

Web design is always interesting topic that people of all backgrounds and interests seem to be exploring. What’s interesting to see online and throughout publications is the amount...

E-Commerce Design

eCommerce Web Design

Entering into the world of eCommerce there are a few things that are of major importance. On the side of web design, we’ve got you covered. When it...

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Content Marketing for Small Businesses

Site Creator just released the findings of their first annual Small Business Usage Study. The results confirm that all small businesses should update their website, incorporate a blog,...

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The Secret to Website Readability

The success of a website hinges on may factors. One that is often overlooked in favor of graphics and color choices is the readability of the site. Long...

Website Design

How to Promote Your New Website

Having a new website designed or updating an old one is a very exciting time for your company! Yet many companies launch their new sites without any grand...

Blog Design

Design Elements to Add to a Company Blog

If one of your new years resolutions is to incorporate a blog on your company’s website, there are a few must-have design elements to keep in mind. It’s...